Friday, 25 April 2008

The 2nd QuestioN! April 24th

From the top of the Starbase 3 to the bottom of the Nano in my tiny heart
Covering SL 24/7 & bringing you the news you wont see on TV (whatever that was)

Pooky: Good Evening Second nation, and here now The Slews!

Hydra: Yararlı evening & işte hálen haberler ! Good evening in Turkish, the 24th in countries who particpate in SL.

P: Todays top story Black Holes belching & Why Is The Internet Sometimes So Slow? Internet ‘Black Holes’ May Be To Blame.

H: You’re trying to log on to a Web site and it’s not working. You try again and again, but nothing.

P: The cause could be more mysterious than you think. At any given moment, a proportion of computer traffic ends up being routed into information black holes.

H: These are situations where a path between two computers does exist, but messages — a request to visit a Web site, an outgoing e-mail — get lost along the way.

P: University of Washington system named Hubble looks for these black holes and maps them on a Web site, providing an ever-changing constellation of the Internet’s weak points.

H: We tried confirmining this news on the University of Washington’s website….but yes, it was down.

P: A new Theory poses that only 4% of the universe is made up of normal matter, 21% of dark matter & 75% of dark energy.

H: Some ask if the same is true for the virtual universe.
Based on the naked man with the Golden strap-on in the audience, I’d say dark energy is a proven fact……you did look around, didn’t you?

P: I guess with the price of Gold i’m not suprised.

H: Does that mean I’m 75% dark energy aswell?

P: Nah, you’re just 100% fabulous. & YOU won this months snials race- woo HYDRA! another fabulous winner is our new CEO in place Slifers decided to promote community and good will towards all.

H: However during the opening ceremonies joining all groups of Sl together in a synchronized swim meet, there were some problems

P: The cybergoths & Hawt Models were to open the festivites but the goths were too cool to wear swimsuits and the Hawt models were too Hawt to put them on

H: The ceremonies were cancelled due to lack of suitable attire

P: Today the Creationist Museum in Petersburg opened up their SL branch, claiming that a virtual world based on user created content is the perfect venue for them to get attention for and prove Creationism to the online masses

H: One reporter asked if user created content didn’t imply that each man was a God…and then was inexplicably struck by Lag.

P: Today Famous SL Actor Clint Westwood star of ” For a few Lindens more ” & ” A fist full of Lindens ” announced a break from his busy online shedule.

H: His agent later revealed that the main reason for Mr.Westwood’s break was his wife taking away his internet priveleges.

P And something i’m looking forward to: “Molotov Alva and His Search for the Creator: A Second Life Odyssey,” which premiers on Cinemax on May 15, will also be shown on and on the Second Life virtual area Cinemax Island.

H: In addition, HBO will tease “Molotov” in the coming weeks with an iTunes podcast and sneak peeks on Cinemax’s YouTube page and Cinemax On Demand.
Don’t miss the simulcast premiere on Thursday May 15th at 5pmSL/on Cinemax, and Cinemax Island in Second Life®.

P: I know someone who played Russian Roulette this week and lost $1MM Lindens, and his tiny life.

H: I guess its not gambling if you die. But lets talk about life, and the race for life on May 17th which benefits the American cancer Society.

P:I am going to Race for the Slews.
& that is the Slews….

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The 2nd QuestioN! Thursday 7PMpdt/10PMest in SecondLife

From the top of the telescope to the bottom of the undersea Stonehenge
sim I was almost swallowed up by…..Covering the Virtual World 24/7 in
ways unknown by the common man. This….Is…The….Slews.

P: good evening Second Nation, and here now the Slews!

H: Gutenabend und hier jetzt die Nachrichten! Which is cood evening
and here now the news in German, Germany has the 2nd largest
population in numbers in Sl outside of the US

P: the second largest and you repeated what I said, are we being redundant?

H” No Pooky this is merely 2nd Life.

P: In this weeks Table of conteninents, CleverZebra hosts the
vbusiness expo, MicroSofft launches for the first time on a second
Island and The London School of Journalism opens its sim.

H: Clever Zebra, an open source Second Life development firm, held the Virtual Business Expo and it was a great success.
The event featured several speakers with ties to virtual worlds, and brought together many people intergral in virtual worlds development.

P: Microsoft, which has lots of money - I think I heard of them - held a
live meeting which was pronounced DOA, and had so many new people who
couldn’t figure out how to sit down, they had to delay the start of
the show for an hour, or 2

H: Heroes Happen Here, when they can learn how to move. MS Visual
Studio 2008 enables developers and IT operators to dramatically reduce
the amount of time, effort and code required to develop and deploy
real-world Web applications.

P: & hurricanes hardly ever Happen – except on the NOAA sim, they
happen there all the time, But What about Inworld applications? MS
announced they were the first, but then Sun said they were the first,
then MS said well they were doing it for the first time on SL and…

H: have you donr it for the first time on Sl yet Pooky?

P: NO, no one asks me anything.

H: On the blogs a MS rep was very proud to announce

P:Liar I never met him!

H: that even IBM and Sun haven’t had an entire sim built and
maintained 100% by the community as was this MS sim. But also said he
could be slapped around if he was mistaken.

P: I have heard they have places for that too here.
In other news, Forrester research releases a report that
56 percent of North American and European enterprises consider Web 2.0
to be a priority in 2008 and more than half are buying or considering
this technologies –

H: Consumers 25 – 55 college educated and earning over $100K use
Search the most for purchases. Those rated of no value include
micro-blogging sites like Twitter or Pownce, YouTube and
social-networking sites like Facebook and MySpace

P Also Large businesses are spending more on employee collaboration
tools than customer-facing technologies, Can somebody tell the Cisco kid that?
The key question for software firms is who pays for Web 2.0 in the

H: I thought the biggest challenge was Ad-supported tools on
the consumer side when they have set “free” as a starting point.

P: Sifting for gold - Nielsen Co. has named its first CMO. n order to “build our brand and identify new businesses to support marketers I mean really – who ever heard of Nielsen

H: I think that might be redundant. Nielsen is introducing what it
calls “pocketpieces” for a variety of place-based video networks,
including health clubs and Gas Stations.
(Pocketpieces were actually printed TV ratings reports traditionally
designed to fit in a vest pocket.)

P: What about pocket protector networks? Isn’t there a GeekTV channel?

H: No but there is a Clear Channel and it is Griping about Proposed
Localism Regulation. Clear Channel has filed opposition with the
FCC . They say it will turn the broadcast industry upside down

P:-”Does it make sense for a bureaucrat in Washington to tell a station manager thousands of miles away in Bismarck, ND, or on Second Life how to run his or her radio station?”

“There are more than 100 million blogs in the U.S. with approximately
50,000 new ones created daily.

P: Am I going to generate a hit everytime I say I like it online with chatterwatch?

H: Depends what you like Pooky and where you are at the time.
social marketing is predicted to increase by about 70% in 2008. and hit $1.6
billion by the end of the year.

P: Im not going to say I like it THAT MUCH!

last year includingWalt Disney’s $700 million acquisition of Club Penguin and Intel’s$110 million acquisition of Havok.

P: venture capital and media firms have invested more than
$184 million dollars in 23 virtual world related companies during the
first quarter of 2008

H:The free open beta of Vollee is
already available. Vollee actually runs Second
Life remotely and then streams the resulting video to the phone rather
than trying to process everything on the handset itself. There are
still some limitations, but if you’ve got to be in Second Life on the
go, it looks like a pretty handy solution:

P: that would make my eyes cross! In another eye-crossing moment Hello KittyLand which was just announced sounds
like a different project from the New Hello Kitty Land from Payhut That’s
right: in addition to the 100+ youth worlds out there, it looks like
there are now two Hello Kitty worlds. & that is saying the same thing
twice. & Albert Hoffman died yesterday at 102 he was the chemist who invented LSD and the only person outside of Butters who could appreciate this news. LSD was probably the first virtual world many people ever vistied.

H: 9You, with a $ 100m investment announced its first virtual world
today: GTown.(not related to Google)
and it might simply be the largest first investment in
this space. 9You is already planning an IPO for later this year.

P: In Nov of 2006 Dir of Sl marketing David Fleck was quoted as saying an IPO or sale would be okay but there is no rush- He was made redundant that week

H: In March of 2008 Mitch Kapoor said ‘IPO Linden Lab not
under active consideration’

P: Nurien a3D Korean based game also announced this week as did Franch Yoowalk

H: and announces a May 21 deadline for artwork
This is an exploration and
celebration of the art of the video game, curated by interactive
industry veterans and experts from the art establishment.

P: The London School of Journalism launched their sim this week
I had to type in an English Accent all day Saturday
I wondered if it’s writing why is everyone using a headset?

H: & for those of you looking for something completely different there is always the MMORPG called “outside” brought to you by the people who did “IRL” Google it if you dont believe it. & this begs the question how many virtual worlds can one reside in in one human lifetime

P: this game is a challenge. i played the beta, no tutorials, people never help you out at all. i spent 16 years trying to learn how to play, & then they changed the rules

H: Question if you could eat a pill that would make you smarter or
more literate Pooky, would you take it?

P: The one I took said “eat me” & I shrunk to this size, followed a
rabbit, jumped down this hole & here I am.
And that is the Slews.

The 2nd QuestioN!

From the top of the International SpaceFight Museum to the bottom of Okeanos coral reef…Covering the Wetaverse 24/7 & bringing you the news not found on your local weather channell-
This….Is…The ….Slews

P: Good Evening Second Nation and here now the Slews

H: God aften og nå meddelelsene

P: This is a science program, not a religious one.

H: That is good evning in Norwegian, # in SL current Metaverse & that is M as in Me not W as in We

P: In tonights top story, Yuri’s Night a great inworldwide event
astronauts celebrated for metamiles around,

H: Orbital is Awarded a $40 Million Contract by U.S. Air Force for Three Minotaurs

P: I wonder what the Cretins got?

H”: Cretins don’t run the Space program Pooky

P: They ran the maze i got lost in last week, Minotaur included.
In other news Sl will release its first Inworld album soon featuring the hit song “Can you feel the Lag tonight?

H: “Tier Free” :”Never Let An Ava break Your Heart” & “I fought the Skin & the Skin won”

P: As part of Yuri’ night A random Linden was shot into outerspace
We are still taking bets on which one.

H: And is the rumor true that Linden designed the baggage handling system at Heathrow?

P: & SL ahead of the news, on Sunday the Naked Scientists listened to a story on how cloud covers can now predict earthquakes

H: & today a masive earthquake was predicted to hit California in with in the next 5 years

P: Hydra, think we should have an earthquake simulation in SL

H: I thoguht I managed that last night

P: In order to make people more welcome on SL, and ease what newcomers feel can be The Curse of the Inffrastructure

H: Hey if its easy its not worth it

P: That was what I heard about your last girlfriend too
SL has a new arrival goody bag ready

H: Stocked with Craftloves Deanimator- Kills anims dead
guarenteed to stop dancing within 24 hours of touchig the dance ball

P: & DEE Tach’s De stacked promises to remove unsightly attachments from your body

HL Lees Muscle contractor will pull up your face, and your pants

P: Ventos miracle inventory restore. wasnt that all you needed Hydra the frst few days or so?

H: IDK Pooky I had so many headaches from crashing that first week, I bought Noobkins head balm & helmet hair on the Slexchange

P: and a roll of TP. We now have a correspondent in the OpenSim recording the nothing that is happening there.

H: Yes our man in the Open, is curently a girl, and has no pants

P: we will touch base with him next week when we hope he has fully rezzed by then

H: Word of the week is Amateur….includes the latin root amar…to love…work done for the love of it rather than for money

P: & if Pro Is th eopposite of Con why isnt Professional the opposite of Confessional?

H: While plenty claim that servers farms and computers arent much better than cars or planes, there is now something offered for those in Sl who want to reduce their carbon footprint .

P: 4offsetts, developed here by Jorel helps us be mre aware of how we can reduce our carbon foorprints, mine are tiny *wriggle stoes* but check thme out at SlURl of the week Search Vio (20, 53,27)

H: Vanity Fair, that OutWorld publication is highlighting Gone Gitmo a project in SL to raise awareness of the mess from the insid out. As an avatar you can experience it first or rather second hand. Guantanamo Bay up close and way too personal.

P: As we might identify too strongly with our avas..Avatar Machine is a system which replicates the aesthetics and visuals of third person gaming, allowing the user to view themselves as a virtual character in real space via a head mounted interface

H: okay I will one up you Pooky
After running a simulation on a Blue Gene/L running at 103 teraflops to see how the supercomputer could display the interactions of light with objects, standard ray-tracing software, even while unoptimized for parallel processors, could run 822 times faster on the Blue Gene/L than on a workaday computer.
For Photorealistic level animations.

P: How abut Emorealistic? and that is The Slews.

The 2nd QuestioN! Thursday nights @7PM PDT/10East on SL

Pooky Amsterdam (P) & Hydra Shaftoe (H) Give us our Slews, our Weekly Slews!

From the Top of Bevan’s Skybox, to the Mason Digi Lineo, covering the Metaverse 25/8, and bringing you the behind the scenes report the Wall Street Journal might not.

This….is…..The SLEWS
P: Hello Avatars and here now the Slews!

H: Sell OG Blesander!

P: What Hydra?

H: That is good evening in Icelandic, we cover the world and Iceland is 77th in countries who use SL and Pooky isn’t it “covering the world 24/7″?

P: I have a box of mega prims on my front lawn, it gives me an extra hour and day.

H: oh, nevermind

P: This past week, Mr Rosedale goes to Washington, First Hearings in Congress simulcast from Rayburn real & Rayburn Virtureal

H: Con Markay (D-Mass) couldn’t get over his buff physique and spent his opening statements talking about how hot he looked

P: He made one tiny remark about it, in fact I thought he said any simlarites between me and my avatar are purely coincidental

H: Hearings hosted by his Subcommittee on telecommunications and the Internet, it was history in the making and a very great day for SL.

P: We all should indeed be very proud to be a part of this brave not completely new world as we stand on the edge of tomorrow in education, science and more.

H…And this just in, Columbus was WRONG! The world really is flat.

P: In everything from breakthroughs in Autism, Education, technology and reducing our energy consumption through online business, SL stands up and is counted. Send your mother this testimony.

H: Here we can Reduce Costs & increase productivity- vital to the world’s growth- to master this & make things happen that are not possible in real life

P: Like this show

H: we can study Impacts on the environment first hand Fly into the eye of a hurricane. And if you don’t live in Florida, this is something you cant do.

P: Emergency first response is trialed here

H: Is that like letting a fractal loose at a toga party?

P: And a place where the American cancer society has raised tens of millions of dollars

H: that has to be a misread, you mean Lindens

P: No, Hydra I mean dollars.

H: On the downside Congresswoman Harmon of Florida pointed out that Islamic terrorists have been known to use SL to launder dollars, and recruit

P: So if you see a suspicious looking package rezzing, please report it immediately.

H: While phychiatrists have begun to find that Sl might be mildly addicting

P: I don’t know why they say this, I only logged 45 hours this week.

H: The good news is SL is better than drugs, and provides a window into the current reality of communities and even a walk trough the human heart

P: Who told you about my secret crush? Oops wrong word bubble

H: Congress remains committed to safely monitoring the internet while the panel emphasized how important the growth of broadband was in allowing these new worlds to continue to grow.

P:As America pioneered across the country we had land set aside for Universities to grow, into telecommunication it was insured that some channels would be set aside for education

P; We must be allowed to grow online. As Dr. Johnson said, what happens in SL, does not just stay in SL

H: This isn’t Vegas Baby!

P: 70% of users are European, Rosedale pointed out this is because of the pervasiveness of broadband

H: Congressman Stephens of Fla suggested that the possibility is unlimited by anything but our creativity-

P: Is the future of the internet exact replicas of us though?

H: My turn to Howl, well, testimony was given on identity exploration & the ability to empathise here with different cultures.

P: Even different species.

H: - Even more remarkable was the real miracle in the way Republicans & Democrats have agreed on this.

P: Congresswoman Harman made the observation that Congress seemed to operate in a virtual reality as it were, as they are are in & out of town so often they might as well send avatars to vote

H: What next Virtual congress? If we voted inworld to fund the war, there wouldn’t be any Lindens left.

P: If Pro is the opposite of Con then what is the opposite of progress?

H: How to get past the 7th level of WOW- that’s a tough one

P: Overall it was a very very moving tribute to our tiny world and it’s awesome powers- Please view the archive of this.

H: We will also report as your Congress people need to be called to promote an abundance of bandwidth.

P: This just in…water doesn’t have to be wet to swim in

H: in NYC last week, the Virtual world Convention brings out thousands of Us 1,150 people from 624 companies participated in this 2nd annual event

P: Highlights of the week- IBM is teaming up with SL to create a private version

H:I don’t know if that means you have to have a pocket protector to get in but I’m sure it will help you log-in

P: As Christian Renaud, Cisco’s chief architect of VW stated

“I can think of a few reasons to not use public infrastructure with no guarantee of security,”

H: SL & IBM sitting in a tree, K-I-s-s-I-n-g

P; that is another

H: The Pres & co founder of Millions of US predicted the future will be one avatar that follows you from game to game

P: I have one of those too- it is called a stalker

H: Could you stalk yourself?

P: Only on an alter

H: I guess it’s like talking to yourself- do you ever type to yourself when you’re alone in your SL home?

P: Sony developing HOME as a lifestyle brand, acknowledges the DNA between Everquest & SL is more similar than that of chimpanzes & Humans

H: HOWLS & for those of you who want to play Tringo- now you can go to MEEZ

P:Ralph Steigner CEO of M of US stats that “Imagination will move things forward”

H: Good thing to know- now how about that imaginary hamburger I have been wanting Since I cant get off Second life to eat?

P:This just in- VW emphasis will run on the creation of a story line & character- Karl Jung estate not paid for originating that thought- no IP rights for dead Psychiatrists.

H: We could have psychotherapists here-

P: How you could you tell if they were really accredited though?

H: You might be able to buy your Phd on the Slexchange.

P: Metaverstility announces you can start your own VW in 6 – 8 weeks for 40 – 60K built on the Multiverse platform cheap at any price, especially during a recession.

H: Vastpark Partners and Two Fish are teaming up to bring an ecosystem of VW technologies & twofish bring the beer, literally any assets can be added to your world. Who pays is another story

P: Teen & kid VW / SN are at the height of their power, with Webkinz merchandise making 100’s of millions, Club Penguin & Bebo selling for 700 – 850 mm respectively to Disney & AOL

H: The killer app question is -How will SL be able to cash in on the economics of this kind of merchandising trend?

P: Inflatable dolls in your favorite skins?

H: Over 2007, the number of registered avatars in virtual worlds increased almost two fold. We now have close to 350 million avatars in existence–more than the U.S. population

P: “Virtual worlds are evolving the media model marrying great television programming to great online content,” said Yapp of MTV.

Question: Do you think the 2nd Question will ever be a rl TV show?

H: I don’t know Pooky - what was the first question?

P: Idk but going back to broadband- Kat Lemiux in her great blog Slnn.comm. said “Seeing one avatar break dance is impressive, but thirty avatars break dancing together could be too much for many installations”

H: promises Brand Security and No Porn.

P: Who goes There?

H: has a projected 7 million reg users by the end of 2008 what do you mean who goes there?

P: I was quoting Shakespeare.

H: save it for the end of the show

P: The circle of SecondLife Saturday morning was System of A Downer

H: Yes it was like Bugs Bunny had died and Saturday morning cartoons almost never existed - SL was disabled for 12 hours!!

P: Toplevel routing issues were being addressed all morning, midday and into evening. What did you do when the lights went out?

H: actually it was a blessing in disguise- my rl laundry

P: Joining the crowd, will more VW solve this problem?

ISPs who provide bandwidth for Second Life actually bundle many network links into large virtual links between their data centers. Traffic for many customers then flows across these bundles.

H: If your not adding the bandwidth, you’re just taking up space.

P: Or he who is not busy logging on is busy crashing. Other notable events this week was the Megashow at Small World Art Gallery, please be sure to go, it is a fantastic sim.

H: In other news, Prof. Bernard Foing of European Space Association, considered the father of the successful SMART-1 mission to the Moon, sees potential in using our Moon as a unique laboratory to export life from Earth to other worlds.

P: Do you see any of the other VW worlds as an opportunity to export avatars from SecondLife.

H: Only in the instance of a crash, A noite boa, esta é o relatório do tonight Portugal #14 one ahead of china

P: and that is The Slews *rips off microphone*

The 2nd QuestioN! P is for Pooky & H is for Hydra

From the top of Lord Rosse’s telescope to the bottom of the nano that sees magnetic energy in the cells of our very beings….covering SecondLife as no sane person can…tThis….Is…The….Slews!!

P:Good Evening Second Nation, and here now the Slews!

H: recepción y aquí ahora las noticias Spain makes the top ten of countries represented on Sl

P:In this weeks news arms to gather and hands to hold.

H: A new emissary from Earth is set to parachute onto Mars May 25, making it the first craft to land on the Red Planet’s north polar region.

P:NASA’s $386-million Phoenix Mars Lander features a robotic arm that will dig trenches up to half a meter deep in the frigid soil, scraping and scooping up samples of ice that lie just a few centimeters beneath the surface.

H: Phoenix will deliver those samples to onboard detectors including eight miniature ovens, to determine if the region contains water, complex organic compounds and sources of energy that might support life

P:Compared to the Viking missions, which assumed that Mars harbored life, this is just looking for a habitable zone,” . home on Mars for …somelife?
H: Almost No place like Home? SONY confirmed that PlayStation Home will be “open to the public towards the end of the year”. He apologised for the delayed release, but said he won’t open up Home until he’s “completely happy with it”.

P: Staying Home? Gas prices are having an effect on shopping - fully one-third of online U.S. adults say they are more likely to shop online rather than at a store because of high gas prices,

H: Winning at Home ? Rivers Run Red took top prize in the WEBBY’s in the Branded Content category for its work, from concept to machinima creation, in Coca Cola Happiness Factory filmed on SecondLife
For more proof of machinima magic check out annie Ok’s incredible IronMan made in SecondLife

P: Prime Sense raised $20.4 million in a second round of funding developing “technology that enables real time, low cost three dimensional machine vision” with the aim of letting users “interact with consumer devices in a simple and intuitive way.”

H: They don’t mention virtual worlds, but the sort of potential applications and technology seem like they could make Prime Sense a potential competitor (or partner) for Handsfree 3D’s Second Life interface.

P:I want a man with a free hand! In fact, Mitch Kapor mentioned several Israeli companies (Prime Sense is based out of Tel Aviv) developing 3D cameras as part of his inspiration for Handsfree 3D.

H: They’ve also got similar motivations to lose the mouse - its just so last cenrury Pooky. Technology expands, mouse remains the same.
Prime Sense’s technology propels user interfaces straight into the future.

P: Hand to Hand combat?
Two weeks after debuting their first Hands Free 3D video showing the possibilities for navigating there is a new demo out - Hands Free Object Editing in Second Life.

H: In Tish Shute’s blogbuster interview this week,
Mitch Kapor said he is working “so that avatars can directly mirror body language and facial expression.” the camera could be a central device

P: Mitch & Philippe are now working on use of camera so that avatars can directly mirror body language and facial expression. If I tilt my head to the side or smile or frown, the avatar will do the same thing.

H: They are optimistic they can do something compelling in pretty short order, like less than a month.

P: (Sticks tongue out) You didn’t see that right? I just did that at home this does take us from science fiction to science as it will make happen what people have been talking about for a long time. Snow crash!

H: the discussion turned to interactive data visualization and one that Ben Lindquist of Green Phosphor has been developing, that is, that you can actually process business models

P:-How about a power point.?

H: For me the this system work when I can see myself at home snarling laughing and emoting the hell out of my self.let’s FACE it, Linux users seems pretty interested in how, when, and if Linden Lab will take Second Life completely open source.

P: LinuxWorld talked about taking the back-end code of the Second Life Grid down the open source road.

H: Hit the open source road, JACK!! We dont need no stinking Standardization! Kapoor went on to say the power of the open systems is so much greater than the walled gardens Also the open source ethic is so deeply established in large parts of the development community.

P: he recommends making peace with a certain amount of chaos right now and the understanding that it’s likely to settle down. The chaos is not the last word. Man can not stand a world with no end, do you think we can open source our thoughts?

H: As Gwneth Lwellen says we want to defend our home, we dont want the ubercontrolled worlds of Disney - the restraints of a closed system. A proscribed society of programmed avtars who cant even do the diishes!

P: Speak for yourself

H: We defend where we grow up though, walled gardens have spawned many an avatar as well. Is it wrong to defend ones Virtua World the way one would defend one’s nation?

P: Hands off! U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) said Monday
With nearly 13 million online users, t Second Life is a risk for children, who could be sexually exploited,

H: Kirk sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission requesting a consumer-alert warning about its dangers when one o f his aides tried and failed to log in as a 10-year-old. But gained access, using the same e-mail address when she claimed to be 18. Kirk is running for reelection

P: That is just what kids are looking for a way to do – spend more time with their parents online. Sl has identity verification for anyone wishing to use ‘Restricted’ regions . called Aristotle - Might help to know who the person is your doing business with, or falling in love with is.

H: OneBigPlanet is trying to make the world just a little bit smaller. The company recently announced the launch of a new Commerce and Loyalty Platform to help social networks tap into new revenue streams and fight the high turnover seen by most sites

P: The new platform creates individual, specialized portals for social networks So each user can pick their favorite stores and Web sites – & advertisers can pick them.

H: Sony Entertainment revealed LittleBigPlanet to be released in October.
“The game will include over 50 wonderful environments”, but of course the USP is the UGC. LBP will let you create your own GL OL

P: Also unveiled MotorStorm’s which has interactive vegetation. It also fights back, apparently, so shrubs will take you down if your vehicle isn’t big enough. Water also won’t be just a backdrop, and has forces, flows and buoyancy. But is it wet?

You’re doing it within a 3D virtual world, but that world is just a model of the actual world.

P: huh? Fox Interactive is adding self-service video ads to its menu of online ad options. The AdStore will allow advertisers, especially small businesses, to find video producers

H: Hearst-Argyle’s Boston affiliate WCVB-TV will be testing a TV-to-internet ad clicking system from Backchannelmedia. It enables web-like ad interaction from a TV set. Whoop de do

P: Christian video-sharing site GodTube raised $30 million to fund its crusade &, was acquired by BuzzNet.

H C3L3B Inc.,a stealth startup just raised millions in january. Building a casual MMO targeting the mini-game and entertainment news hungry 25-45 y/o female.

P: This, web site remains unlaunched but just how important is fashion and style? The placeholder is simply a woman’s shoe with the words “coming soon.” Sex in the SimCity?
A world without men. What was Barbie without GI Joe?

H: MySpace is reportedly charging developers for thier applications to appear on its “Featured Apps” page. Prices are said to run between $50,000 and $100,000 for a week of placement.

P:MySpace launched a karaoke feature. How much do you have to pay to get people to listen to you? And forget the first man on the moon who will put the first ad on the moon?
H: Here’s the metaverse mystery of the week: This strange new private island with a very familiar name was recently spotted, by Second Life blogger Tateru Nino (and confirmed when I checked the world’s dynamic map today), we have to assume it’s an official Nintendo property.

P: Here’s a more tantalizing possibility: A German firm has created a Wii-to-SL interface for treadmills, so maybe Nintendo is cooking up some interesting new home gym product feature. Mii -wii

H: Fighting to take back your life! Professor Patrick Bordnick has recently brought 40 alcoholics into a guided virtual environment for 18 minutes that featured each individual’s favorite drink. Participants were asked to rate their cravings

P: “The virtual was real enough that their cravings were intensified. So, now they can develop coping skills, in these environments until those skills are working real life tools ” They could just stay inworld until they have to go to sleep and miss drinking entirely- Dont drink & hard drive you might crash!

H: When I have my optimal self in the virtual world, how does that change how I think about myself how do I internalize this new me,”

P: Do you Howl at the real moon or the one here- its full every night. A series of recent studies showed that after spending time as an attractive avatar, an hour later, the afterglow of attractiveness hadn’t worn off when participants were asked to make real-world decisions.

H: The confidence you’ve gotten from having a virtual attractive face pervades in the physical world one hour later, a recent study pointed out. In digital worlds, from phone calls to Second Life meetings, avatars are replacing more and more personal interactions. And how will this affect business done in the virtual world?

P: I don’t know, if everyone is gorgeous, the playing field is kind of level isn’t it? And that is the Slews.

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