Friday, 25 April 2008

The 2nd QuestioN! April 24th

From the top of the Starbase 3 to the bottom of the Nano in my tiny heart
Covering SL 24/7 & bringing you the news you wont see on TV (whatever that was)

Pooky: Good Evening Second nation, and here now The Slews!

Hydra: Yararlı evening & işte hálen haberler ! Good evening in Turkish, the 24th in countries who particpate in SL.

P: Todays top story Black Holes belching & Why Is The Internet Sometimes So Slow? Internet ‘Black Holes’ May Be To Blame.

H: You’re trying to log on to a Web site and it’s not working. You try again and again, but nothing.

P: The cause could be more mysterious than you think. At any given moment, a proportion of computer traffic ends up being routed into information black holes.

H: These are situations where a path between two computers does exist, but messages — a request to visit a Web site, an outgoing e-mail — get lost along the way.

P: University of Washington system named Hubble looks for these black holes and maps them on a Web site, providing an ever-changing constellation of the Internet’s weak points.

H: We tried confirmining this news on the University of Washington’s website….but yes, it was down.

P: A new Theory poses that only 4% of the universe is made up of normal matter, 21% of dark matter & 75% of dark energy.

H: Some ask if the same is true for the virtual universe.
Based on the naked man with the Golden strap-on in the audience, I’d say dark energy is a proven fact……you did look around, didn’t you?

P: I guess with the price of Gold i’m not suprised.

H: Does that mean I’m 75% dark energy aswell?

P: Nah, you’re just 100% fabulous. & YOU won this months snials race- woo HYDRA! another fabulous winner is our new CEO in place Slifers decided to promote community and good will towards all.

H: However during the opening ceremonies joining all groups of Sl together in a synchronized swim meet, there were some problems

P: The cybergoths & Hawt Models were to open the festivites but the goths were too cool to wear swimsuits and the Hawt models were too Hawt to put them on

H: The ceremonies were cancelled due to lack of suitable attire

P: Today the Creationist Museum in Petersburg opened up their SL branch, claiming that a virtual world based on user created content is the perfect venue for them to get attention for and prove Creationism to the online masses

H: One reporter asked if user created content didn’t imply that each man was a God…and then was inexplicably struck by Lag.

P: Today Famous SL Actor Clint Westwood star of ” For a few Lindens more ” & ” A fist full of Lindens ” announced a break from his busy online shedule.

H: His agent later revealed that the main reason for Mr.Westwood’s break was his wife taking away his internet priveleges.

P And something i’m looking forward to: “Molotov Alva and His Search for the Creator: A Second Life Odyssey,” which premiers on Cinemax on May 15, will also be shown on and on the Second Life virtual area Cinemax Island.

H: In addition, HBO will tease “Molotov” in the coming weeks with an iTunes podcast and sneak peeks on Cinemax’s YouTube page and Cinemax On Demand.
Don’t miss the simulcast premiere on Thursday May 15th at 5pmSL/on Cinemax, and Cinemax Island in Second Life®.

P: I know someone who played Russian Roulette this week and lost $1MM Lindens, and his tiny life.

H: I guess its not gambling if you die. But lets talk about life, and the race for life on May 17th which benefits the American cancer Society.

P:I am going to Race for the Slews.
& that is the Slews….

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