Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The 2nd QuestioN! Thursday 7PMpdt/10PMest in SecondLife

From the top of the telescope to the bottom of the undersea Stonehenge
sim I was almost swallowed up by…..Covering the Virtual World 24/7 in
ways unknown by the common man. This….Is…The….Slews.

P: good evening Second Nation, and here now the Slews!

H: Gutenabend und hier jetzt die Nachrichten! Which is cood evening
and here now the news in German, Germany has the 2nd largest
population in numbers in Sl outside of the US

P: the second largest and you repeated what I said, are we being redundant?

H” No Pooky this is merely 2nd Life.

P: In this weeks Table of conteninents, CleverZebra hosts the
vbusiness expo, MicroSofft launches for the first time on a second
Island and The London School of Journalism opens its sim.

H: Clever Zebra, an open source Second Life development firm, held the Virtual Business Expo and it was a great success.
The event featured several speakers with ties to virtual worlds, and brought together many people intergral in virtual worlds development.

P: Microsoft, which has lots of money - I think I heard of them - held a
live meeting which was pronounced DOA, and had so many new people who
couldn’t figure out how to sit down, they had to delay the start of
the show for an hour, or 2

H: Heroes Happen Here, when they can learn how to move. MS Visual
Studio 2008 enables developers and IT operators to dramatically reduce
the amount of time, effort and code required to develop and deploy
real-world Web applications.

P: & hurricanes hardly ever Happen – except on the NOAA sim, they
happen there all the time, But What about Inworld applications? MS
announced they were the first, but then Sun said they were the first,
then MS said well they were doing it for the first time on SL and…

H: have you donr it for the first time on Sl yet Pooky?

P: NO, no one asks me anything.

H: On the blogs a MS rep was very proud to announce

P:Liar I never met him!

H: that even IBM and Sun haven’t had an entire sim built and
maintained 100% by the community as was this MS sim. But also said he
could be slapped around if he was mistaken.

P: I have heard they have places for that too here.
In other news, Forrester research releases a report that
56 percent of North American and European enterprises consider Web 2.0
to be a priority in 2008 and more than half are buying or considering
this technologies –

H: Consumers 25 – 55 college educated and earning over $100K use
Search the most for purchases. Those rated of no value include
micro-blogging sites like Twitter or Pownce, YouTube and
social-networking sites like Facebook and MySpace

P Also Large businesses are spending more on employee collaboration
tools than customer-facing technologies, Can somebody tell the Cisco kid that?
The key question for software firms is who pays for Web 2.0 in the

H: I thought the biggest challenge was Ad-supported tools on
the consumer side when they have set “free” as a starting point.

P: Sifting for gold - Nielsen Co. has named its first CMO. n order to “build our brand and identify new businesses to support marketers I mean really – who ever heard of Nielsen

H: I think that might be redundant. Nielsen is introducing what it
calls “pocketpieces” for a variety of place-based video networks,
including health clubs and Gas Stations.
(Pocketpieces were actually printed TV ratings reports traditionally
designed to fit in a vest pocket.)

P: What about pocket protector networks? Isn’t there a GeekTV channel?

H: No but there is a Clear Channel and it is Griping about Proposed
Localism Regulation. Clear Channel has filed opposition with the
FCC . They say it will turn the broadcast industry upside down

P:-”Does it make sense for a bureaucrat in Washington to tell a station manager thousands of miles away in Bismarck, ND, or on Second Life how to run his or her radio station?”

“There are more than 100 million blogs in the U.S. with approximately
50,000 new ones created daily.

P: Am I going to generate a hit everytime I say I like it online with chatterwatch?

H: Depends what you like Pooky and where you are at the time.
social marketing is predicted to increase by about 70% in 2008. and hit $1.6
billion by the end of the year.

P: Im not going to say I like it THAT MUCH!

last year includingWalt Disney’s $700 million acquisition of Club Penguin and Intel’s$110 million acquisition of Havok.

P: venture capital and media firms have invested more than
$184 million dollars in 23 virtual world related companies during the
first quarter of 2008

H:The free open beta of Vollee is
already available. Vollee actually runs Second
Life remotely and then streams the resulting video to the phone rather
than trying to process everything on the handset itself. There are
still some limitations, but if you’ve got to be in Second Life on the
go, it looks like a pretty handy solution:

P: that would make my eyes cross! In another eye-crossing moment Hello KittyLand which was just announced sounds
like a different project from the New Hello Kitty Land from Payhut That’s
right: in addition to the 100+ youth worlds out there, it looks like
there are now two Hello Kitty worlds. & that is saying the same thing
twice. & Albert Hoffman died yesterday at 102 he was the chemist who invented LSD and the only person outside of Butters who could appreciate this news. LSD was probably the first virtual world many people ever vistied.

H: 9You, with a $ 100m investment announced its first virtual world
today: GTown.(not related to Google)
and it might simply be the largest first investment in
this space. 9You is already planning an IPO for later this year.

P: In Nov of 2006 Dir of Sl marketing David Fleck was quoted as saying an IPO or sale would be okay but there is no rush- He was made redundant that week

H: In March of 2008 Mitch Kapoor said ‘IPO Linden Lab not
under active consideration’

P: Nurien a3D Korean based game also announced this week as did Franch Yoowalk

H: and http://www.intothepixel.com/ announces a May 21 deadline for artwork
This is an exploration and
celebration of the art of the video game, curated by interactive
industry veterans and experts from the art establishment.

P: The London School of Journalism launched their sim this week
I had to type in an English Accent all day Saturday
I wondered if it’s writing why is everyone using a headset?

H: & for those of you looking for something completely different there is always the MMORPG called “outside” brought to you by the people who did “IRL” Google it if you dont believe it. & this begs the question how many virtual worlds can one reside in in one human lifetime

P: this game is a challenge. i played the beta, no tutorials, people never help you out at all. i spent 16 years trying to learn how to play, & then they changed the rules

H: Question if you could eat a pill that would make you smarter or
more literate Pooky, would you take it?

P: The one I took said “eat me” & I shrunk to this size, followed a
rabbit, jumped down this hole & here I am.
And that is the Slews.

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