Tuesday, 1 April 2008

The 2nd QuestioN!

From the top of the International SpaceFight Museum to the bottom of Okeanos coral reef…Covering the Wetaverse 24/7 & bringing you the news not found on your local weather channell-
This….Is…The ….Slews

P: Good Evening Second Nation and here now the Slews

H: God aften og nå meddelelsene

P: This is a science program, not a religious one.

H: That is good evning in Norwegian, # in SL current Metaverse & that is M as in Me not W as in We

P: In tonights top story, Yuri’s Night a great inworldwide event
astronauts celebrated for metamiles around,

H: Orbital is Awarded a $40 Million Contract by U.S. Air Force for Three Minotaurs

P: I wonder what the Cretins got?

H”: Cretins don’t run the Space program Pooky

P: They ran the maze i got lost in last week, Minotaur included.
In other news Sl will release its first Inworld album soon featuring the hit song “Can you feel the Lag tonight?

H: “Tier Free” :”Never Let An Ava break Your Heart” & “I fought the Skin & the Skin won”

P: As part of Yuri’ night A random Linden was shot into outerspace
We are still taking bets on which one.

H: And is the rumor true that Linden designed the baggage handling system at Heathrow?

P: & SL ahead of the news, on Sunday the Naked Scientists listened to a story on how cloud covers can now predict earthquakes

H: & today a masive earthquake was predicted to hit California in with in the next 5 years

P: Hydra, think we should have an earthquake simulation in SL

H: I thoguht I managed that last night

P: In order to make people more welcome on SL, and ease what newcomers feel can be The Curse of the Inffrastructure

H: Hey if its easy its not worth it

P: That was what I heard about your last girlfriend too
SL has a new arrival goody bag ready

H: Stocked with Craftloves Deanimator- Kills anims dead
guarenteed to stop dancing within 24 hours of touchig the dance ball

P: & DEE Tach’s De stacked promises to remove unsightly attachments from your body

HL Lees Muscle contractor will pull up your face, and your pants

P: Ventos miracle inventory restore. wasnt that all you needed Hydra the frst few days or so?

H: IDK Pooky I had so many headaches from crashing that first week, I bought Noobkins head balm & helmet hair on the Slexchange

P: and a roll of TP. We now have a correspondent in the OpenSim recording the nothing that is happening there.

H: Yes our man in the Open, is curently a girl, and has no pants

P: we will touch base with him next week when we hope he has fully rezzed by then

H: Word of the week is Amateur….includes the latin root amar…to love…work done for the love of it rather than for money

P: & if Pro Is th eopposite of Con why isnt Professional the opposite of Confessional?

H: While plenty claim that servers farms and computers arent much better than cars or planes, there is now something offered for those in Sl who want to reduce their carbon footprint .http://slcoe.com/

P: 4offsetts, developed here by Jorel helps us be mre aware of how we can reduce our carbon foorprints, mine are tiny *wriggle stoes* but check thme out at SlURl of the week Search Vio (20, 53,27)

H: Vanity Fair, that OutWorld publication is highlighting Gone Gitmo a project in SL to raise awareness of the mess from the insid out. As an avatar you can experience it first or rather second hand. Guantanamo Bay up close and way too personal.

P: As we might identify too strongly with our avas..Avatar Machine is a system which replicates the aesthetics and visuals of third person gaming, allowing the user to view themselves as a virtual character in real space via a head mounted interface http://www.marcowens.co.uk/products.html

H: okay I will one up you Pooky http://www.virtualworldsnews.com/2008/04/photorealistic.html
After running a simulation on a Blue Gene/L running at 103 teraflops to see how the supercomputer could display the interactions of light with objects, standard ray-tracing software, even while unoptimized for parallel processors, could run 822 times faster on the Blue Gene/L than on a workaday computer.
For Photorealistic level animations.

P: How abut Emorealistic? and that is The Slews.

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