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Here Now….The Slews - May 29

From the top of the Phoenix to the bottom of the Victoria crater,, covering this flat world we stake our tiny lives in each day…This …Is….the….Slews!

P: Good evening Second nation, here now the Slews!

H: Good day mates! Here is the Low down!

P: That is in English Hydra!

H: I was typing with an Australian accent

P: This week Touched by a Phoenix, in an unprecedented event for the residnts of our metaverse we got up close and personal with mission control

H: With direct feeds from NASA we were kept on the edge of our seats as the full to the bursting SIm
registered waves of joy when we in real time witnessed the mars landing of the Phoenix

P: Like a movie, only better - Every avatar was experiencing chills as collectively from every corner of the globe, we saw heard & felt it happening

H: Sl on Mars? that would be some broadband connecton -NBC was in Sl filining as well, and some stations around the country mistook the Sl residnents (the ones with antennaes & wings) for extraterrestial life.

P: We had to issue a disclamer there was not a first Panda on Mars, as kat2 kit in his spacesuit caused some confusion.
The surface of mars was recreated, we drank special martian champagne and gave many thanks to NASA for this brilliant inworld experience.

H: In less stellar news, This week the toilet on the International Space Station got clogged . One source said it’s a “fabrication flaw” in the toilet’s compressor units. NASA said the equipment isn’t providing enough suction on a regular basis. No word on whether the Sim of the same name on SL will follow suit.

P: The high-tech toilet, with no gravity, cost $19 million! And NASA bought this from Russia, because they said it was cheaper than building their own.

H” Also, this toilet is also like a local municipal treatment center, because it recycles the urine into drinking water. So it’s definitely high-tech. On the rocks? Might need some of that martian Ice.

H: Sébastien Kuntz of A VR Geek Blog got some hands-on (in?) time with the Virtusphere recently. The Virtusphere is, as he puts it, “a 2.6m polycarbonate sphere used as a virtual reality locomotion device.”

P: Once a user climbs inside, this is possibly why the military is using it for training, at $50,000, the Virtusphere is about 20 times less than the omni-directional treadmill.

H: Time to invest in those old VR headsets I think. The VW is becoming a backlot for may productions as well as places for seminal work. Gossip Gril during the writers strike began
fiming in the Upper East Side Sim

P: The show’s producers feel the audience would be interested in not only Webisodes, but machinima and Second Life–at least as long as its done professionally. “It has the feel of fan-fiction, but it’s not,”

H: Video online is expected to quadruple in the next few years and reach at least 1 billion worldwide by 2013,

P: In a study sponsored by the BBC looking at its world Adventure Rock, and aimed at kids 6-12, researchers from found that virtual worlds are a “powerful and engaging” alternative to passive TV viewing Clean up your room! Mommy how mundane! Adults resembling grown up children also exhibit the same behavior

H: The Chief scientist Of Accenture,in discussing virtual worlds recently said they don’t have much value yet. “I don’t think, two years from now, there will be a Second Life…,” “These worlds are ‘closed’ and have proprietary currencies. Perhaps open standards will make [virtual worlds] more attractive to companies.” There isnt any real world wide currency I know of yet either- but people still travel.

P: 85% of business inquiries are focused on enterprise–and that ease of use, access to existing tools and Web services, security, and reliability are more important.
But I want mystery, I want beauty, & inworld voice counts for a lot.

H: Unless you are a ventriloquist, haven’t seen any of those here yet though.

P: Hydra Network, an interactive advertising network specializing in cost-per-acquisition, has announced a partnership with UpSellit, an ecommerce and emarketing virtual-chat technology to engage customers.

H: . “With the UpSellit chat technology Hydra advertisers can speak directly to consumers and make online shopping as personal as entering a store,”

P:: CondeNast owned Reddit Plans a Weekly News Show With PBS The Site will be powering the news behind YourWeek, a new show on affiliates of the public broadcasting network & CoverItLive online.helps ordinary “citizens” with camera phones or SMS who capture media-worthy events first can make it easy for these citizen journalists to upload that content on existing news websites,

H: networks get fast, free news; and citizens get broader coverage than they would on their blogs

P:, a site that collects TV and radio show clips for bloggers to upload to their own sites, has been told to stop this “unauthorized syndication” by NBC, CBS and Fox, as well as others. Redlasso, would not comment on whether the startup had permission to use the disputed content

H: So you can make up your own fact but not your own fiction?

H: The new REC sim, actually a Japanese construction, was built to promote the film’s release in Japan. RC won’t actually open in RL cinemas in Japan until the 14th of June

P: Not for the faint fo heart though. this is not a sight seeing experience. On arrival you will find yourself in a dimly lit, blood-stained room. Help yourself to the movie camera, wear it (it is a HUD) and follow the arrows. This will place you inside the lobby of the apartment block - also dimly lit and dripping with
*cues scary music*

H: Sounds like the Blair withch project Yeah dont you wish the Blair Witch movie had cell phones?

P: JApanese Travel Bureau proudly announces the launch of Japan Travel Guide in “Second Life”. If it is anything like REC, I think I will stay home.
–Japanese television technology could render conventional television obsolete and transform the media landscape within years,

H: Japan is developing a new “internet television” set, which will let users browse websites and watch streaming programs at the touch of a remote control.

P: Japanese media reports say the new television, which is likely to run on the open source Linux operating system rather than Microsoft Windows to save boot-up time, could be on sale locally by next March.

H: The TV Portal Service Corp made up of Sony, Matsushita (Panasonic), Sharp, Hitachi and Toshiba, may announce the standard as early as next month. With the backing of telecommunications giant NTT, it will lobby the International Telecommunications Union to adopt it for global use.

H: In other SL news University of Queensland arrives! Its first project a series of places of worship, including a mosque, synagogue, church, wicca circle and Freemasons Lodge that UQ Study of Religion students could visit. Do you have be a UQ student to worship there though?

P: Meanwhile, Queensland University of Technology launched an interactive program filmed in Second Life to teach law students the art of negotiation.

H: The story line is centered on the running of a fictional airline where students must negotiate buying an aircraft, contact staff and suppliers and expand the business to include an island tourist resort.

P: A tp is quicker and greener! speaking of green! an interactive designer in Austin, has started a Web site called Green Interfaces & uses Prious gas per terrain gallon “The competitive driving thing some people are doing means they are making a game out of it, and that’s a pretty good test for a good design — do people start to play with it?”

H: In what Telstra says is a national first, the telco yesterday beamed a mobile three dimensional image otherwise known as a hologram of its chief technology officer, Hugh Bradlow, from Melbourne to Adelaide to give a live business presentation.

P: the Musion Eyeliner System created the hologram which was delivered over Telstra’s powerful Next IP system – it could become commonplace but not for another 4 to 5 years.
A hologram delivered right to your living room

H: yes but will it deliver with anchovies?
In other eyeliner news…, and teen magazine CosmoGIRL! have teamed up for a “Get Ready for Summer” event starting this week The event is a collaboration with Gillette Venus, Cover Girl, and Tampax Pearl. “I saw what you shaved last summer?”

P: Rumors are again circulating that Time Warner may buy NBC Universal, potentially financing the deal with money raised in shafting Time Warner Cable.

H: With opposition mounting, Larry Page co-founder of Google pushed to gain public access to white spaces, slivers of wireless spectrum between the broadcast channels used by TV stations.

P: These slivers were originally designed to prevent interference between over-the-air TV broadcasts. But with TV stations moving to new frequencies under a government-ordered switch sees opportunity in those white spaces Google & Microsoft Togethr again like never before screams the movie poster headlines!

H” And they have urged the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to turn this spectrum over to the public for free, unlicensed use—much like there are designated slices of the airwaves

P: Liverpool SoundCity! is a 4 day music event which will be steaming live into SL from the 27th to the 30th of May. Get the underground sound, the alternative and the DIY ethic – you might even find some Diy news.

H: Microsoft has released a statement informing users that Live Search Books and Live Search Academic will shut down this week. & at the smae time they will launch their Social Bookmark application.

P: As long as they can search for The Slews.

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