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The Slews……7/1 Pooky & Hydra at the helm

Lights dim..music swells

From the top of the crown on the Head Lindens Head to the bottom left hand corner of the search for the new and exciting …and going beyond the virtual world for relevant facts and fiction 24/7….in ways to crazy to completely understand…This …is…the….Slews

P: Good Evening Second Nation and here now the Slews.

H: Gutenabend und hier ist jetzt die Durchläufe

P: Although the preliminary findings from Phoenix do not answer whether life ever existed on Mars (or might still exist somewhere underground), an experiment showed the dirt on the planet’s northern arctic plains similar to surface soils found in Antarctica, full of the mineral nutrients that a plant would need.

H: Mars today is frigid and dry, and the surface is bombarded by ultraviolet radiation, making life unlikely, but conditions in more ancient epochs may have not been so harsh.

P: NASA reported“We basically have found what appears to be the requirements, the nutrients, to support life whether past, present or future,” “The sort of soil you have there is the type of soil you’d probably have in your backyard.”for Phoenix scientists that was “like winning the lottery

H: Trying out the new & unusual could be programmed into our hot wiring - Using brain scans to measure blood flow, British researchers discovered that a brain region known as the ventral striatum was more active when subjects chose unusual objects in controlled tests.

P:The ventral striatum is involved in processing rewards in the brain through the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine.

H: Scientists believe the existence of this age-old reward mechanism indicates there is an evolutionary advantage in sampling the unknown.

P: programming into our brains? In the future we could have computers implanted Scientists at the University of Florida aren’t just creating a neural implant that can translate human brain signals, but one that can act independently to increase its efficiency and synergy with the brain as it learns new things.

H: Tests with new evolving brain-machine interfaces using rats have tiny electrodes that capture thought signals.

P:: Three rats were taught how to move a robotic arm toward a target using just their thoughts. Each time they succeeded, the rats were rewarded. Is that like food for thought?

H: You can run but you can not hide -! A new whitepaper reveals how advertising that spans multiple-media platforms drives conversion well beyond the effects of increased frequency, and targeting. With or without brain implants

P: I know if I could shop just by thought it might prove fatal.

H: So if I just thought of you naked would that mean…..never mind….
Driven by market capitalization growth in emerging economies, the wealth of the world’s high net worth individuals increased 9. percent to $40.7 trillion in 2007,

P: The global economy grew at a slower pace but upward wealth will grow to $59 trillion by 2012, advancing at a rate of 7.7 percent per year.

H: ICANN, which regulates aspects of internet use, voted unanimously to relax restrictions on trusted domains like .com and .net, as well as country suffixes like .uk, .it and .fr

P: The decision enables companies to create brand-specific web addresses, and individuals to purchase self-named domains — provided they have a “business plan and technical capacity.” omg.com is still free as of this writing

H: Google on Monday unveiled a new Web-based tool, Map Maker, that lets people add roads, lakes, businesses, and other features to unmapped regions of Google Maps. Just what Google needs, more free stuff

P: What if I build my own island on google map that doesn’t exist yet- will google create it for me? They might not have the money - A technology startup that developed software for migrating data from Microsoft) Outlook to Google Web mail has filed a lawsuit , claiming Google owes the smaller company more than $1 billion for stealing its trade secrets.

H: LimitNone agreed to share its technology with the understanding that it would be kept confidential. “When a mega-company like Google that professes ‘Don’t be evil’ tells you they love your product and says they are not going to make a competing product, you believe them.”
“Don’t be evil”! it should be don’t be a weasel!

P: Stuck in a traffic jam and really hoping you could update your Facebook page? You soon may be able to in a Chrysler. Which will announce a wireless Internet-access option for all 2009 models called UConnect Web —& you can check you that real-time stock quotes now made available on CNBC.com , So you can see how your social profile improves as your stock goes down

H: or vice versa. Yearly online video ad revenue will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 168 percent.

P: A recent report by IDC predicts that Internet video advertising will increase over sevenfold during the next four years, from $500 million in 2007 to $3.8 billion in 2012. Obviously, this is huge and great news for the industry. Get me my agent

H: Wyndstorm Corporation launched Socialframes, which enables users to interact with a social network or virtual world without leaving the website they are visiting. Or their car.

P: be on the look out for virtual salesgirls with a perky names and a handy discounts

H: The virtual associates are built with artificial intelligence software from Justdevelopit, a new company. When the software senses a transaction delay, it launches a chat and offers the customer a privileged discount,

P:but since the salesgirls are so hot they are also inciting emotional relationships- never let a chatbot break your heart Hydra

H: TechCrunch is reporting that Vint Cerf, the so-called “father of the Internet,” says maybe we should think of the Internet as being like the highway system — a public good that should be nationalized. trying to spark a debate about whether the Internet should be treated more like the public resource that it is.

P: I Paramount with Makena, are making thousands of movie clips available on There.com, Visitors who purchase the clips can use them to communicate with others by having their avatar “speak” lines from movies while the actual clip plays in a small window.

H: Cliches made fresh Daily.

P: Slim Jim has launched its own virtual world, Spicy Town, which actually now is the main, official website for the snack food. It’s a pretty basic, Flash-based environment: users can walk around, chat, pick fights, collect Slim Jims, and wreak havoc on the environment. All While they exude the aroma of SlimJims!

H: Not in my car! One of the only steps to the registration process, which is minimal and full of ‘tude, is to upload a photo of yourself, which is then mapped on to the edgier version of you. I don’t think I could stand a spicier version of myself? Could you Pooky?

P: Don’t blame me I was just drawn this way. I am more interested in SeaPals,. I am already beginning to populate my virtual aquarium. I am still looking for a penguin as of this writing. But the chat is only in preset messages with other fish.

H: Instead of going to a site to play a MMOG, RocketON has actually placed a virtual world on top of the Internet. Your avatar can roam the Web with you, inviting friends to join, discuss and interact on any site.

P:, RocketON is super-imposed in the bottom corner of your screen.Then you can chat, play games, and, if the site is a partner, download virtual goods from the site for your ava like GAP outfits, NIKe shoes or virtual coke-

H: I just don’t want one in my car.

P: for HabboHotel The recent milestone of 100 million users is nothing to snuff at. In true Habbo style, they threw a big bash and gave the 100 millionth user a boatload of prizes as a thank you for helping them reach this major goal.

H: Found! Beach ball made by Philip Linden in April 2002 before SL was even launched. In Smoky there is Philip’s handiwork, made in the days before the world was even Beta.

P: Lost! The Garden for the Missing which contains over 170 posters of missing persons from the US. All of the missing persons posters are clickable so that you can read more about their disappearances; In Remora.

H: Profound: Sl5b is SL’s big birthday bash with over 600 exhibits and plenty to look at, anything and everything you might have imagined can and was built. And there were many panel discussions on how here can affect *points behind*

P: Monsters attacking Toxian City’s Exhibit
Toxia is a dark urban live action role playing game. The city’s setting is what’s left of an old port town after major disaster hit. How that helps us I don’t know

H: The ABA’s Conference “Why Virtual Worlds Matter for Lawyers” was held at the Justice Center in (SL). Discussion of virtual reality law issues and the future of law in worlds. As long as they dont sell SecondLife Insurance.

P: Troy Mcluhan’s new exhibition called Lord Rosse’s Monster Telescopes opened on Sunday, on the sim named Space Island,

H: The greatest avatar the world has ever known might indeed be that of Philip Linden. His statue is in the VIP known as the Linden installation where you can actually see the statue . The man has a sense of humor, and we searched the SL5B for evidence of where he might have gotten those flashy pixels which cover his privates.

P: Yes we finally discovered this picture after days of searching –The Hansel & Gretal house & yes it is skittles which are covering his vitals and that is the Slews…

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