Monday, 12 January 2009

End of the Year Round Up

What a great year it was, so many memories, feel like moments of history, moments so good I am glad they are captured on video. A SecondLife in film, but more than that, truly a SecondLife worth living. Most end of year wrap ups (EOYWU for lack of a better acronym) deal with highlights, yet I know it is also about the context of the time we are in historical, open and expanding. We are indeed making history with this show. There were just too many, so many incredible lines that should be engraved on rocks, or at least stitched onto Whitman samplers (*Note to self- check if Whitman really sewed them himself) to list, so you will just have to watch the shows, again. S;-p

The show as many of you who have seen them know has evolved from the first episode which was held on April 10th to the one we wrapped on Dec 16th. 34 episodes in all this year. We evolved into what is the best quiz show on the Internet and have had a blast doing it. Tuesday night at 7PM is indeed our turn to shine.

And how we did shine, pulling in an intelligent, funny and news making crowd in its own right. Ratcheting up the ante with difficult questions that no one was afraid not to know, that were also not afraid to Google. To the fleet of fingers belongs the prize…….possibly. A shout out to Thraxis, for being the go-to audience member on the Questions, to Jackie for being the Queen of Quotes, to Troy for being so damn funny, to Rocket for being so good with everything, to Roger for just being and for winning the only secret word without any clues. I would like to name every body who walks into the StudioDome to be honest, but we have had over a thousand people now, over a Thousand! I think of this and am awed by what this dream of mine has created. And I know it is not just me. We are truly in this together, and pull the knowledge of the centuries, out of our hats, gloves, pockets and what's more – even learn something new every week. And we want to learn! That is the most beautiful thing we want to learn and are intrigued and inspired by what has come before us in terms of invention, industry, quotes and endeavor. That it will mean more for us into the future is dead certain. Because we can build upon this know, we remind each other of what thousands of years of history teaches us. There are so many people who make the show what it is because they are there and yes they share. They are indeed the transmitters of SecondLife.

Hydra as always was amazing, smart, funny and just a hilarious co-host. The warmest wolf in the metaverse, it always makes me happy to see him. I know you all feel the same. Yxes Delacroix who gives us great direction at the start of every show has to be thanked for this. Robwag Soothsayer, without whom none of this would be possible as he builds and has scripted into being the boards that enables us to proceed with the points as we get to the finish line. He has created and manages a beautiful set, one we come home to each week.

Edsel Heinkel whose original song starts us off each week in a merry beginning for us to follow through on is an incredible presence in every show, even when he is appearing flat. Quite an achievement!

And of course the tinies, kat2 Kit and Emmo Wei, they have faced the most death defying of openers and come through it each time, kicking off the action with unbelievable adorableness. Sometimes so funny, I don't know how we can actually follow them!

I want to thank Petlove Petshop for her assistance in just about every aspect of my duties to the show, and need her to help me and she does giving her time, insight and courage on so many fronts.

There is also one person who is very important to the show and he is Paradox Olbers, who owns Spindrift and now is a force with the International Spaceflight Museum. His faith in me and in the show has allowed us to actually be in the great arena that the Scilands provides. He is our Guru and we revere him.

Of course many thanks to the great worthy panel of folks who have been great on every show, bringing their humor and sense of adventure to the game itself. Many thanks for them for what their dreams have made happen on SecondLife itself. It is a much richer place for that, and for bringing that also to the show. I look forward to seeing them on the site, and in the audience as they return to take part in the "happening" that The 2nd QuestioN! has become.

And of course to the great future that the network represents. Without them knowing and proving that virtual TV has not only a meaning but a medium proves that this is indeed the newest platform on which to launch great entertainment. Many thanks to Wiz Nordberg, Starr Sonic and Texas Tintam the great and very capable minds behind the network. Thank you for your belief in this, your guidance and your vision.

We will undoubtedly go further, and together. The show is fun, fast and always a trip with more laughs than should be legal in an hour of programming. I appreciate your watching it, being part of it today and of course, tomorrow.

Look forward to seeing everyone again.

New year 2009, let's make it great. I know we will.

Yours Truly,
Pooky Amsterdam

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