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The 1st Question 51 - 19 May 09


Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.
Ralph Marston

A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.
Lou Holtz
Maya Angelou


1) She is the Queen of the Galaxy and her movie is a science fiction B-movie released in 1968. With the help of a Blind Angel, she defeats the The Matmos, a semi-intelligent lake of 'pure evil' that sits beneath the evil city of Sogo. And Durand Durand as well as the Queen played by Anita Pallenberg, Keith Richards girlfriend at the time. Who is the heroine of this movie whose space ship is named like mine, the Alpha Seven?

2) Silent Talk is the name of a new project to “allow user-to-user communication on the battlefield without the use of vocalized speech through analysis of neural signals.” And yes, that's in addition to the money spent to investigate wireless transmission of decoded thoughts. The intent of the program is to detect "pre-speech" - word-specific neural signals in the brain, analyze them and then send the content to team members. Obviously, they're just in the investigative stage. And want to know if it is possible to map EEG patterns to individual words - for one person. Then, determine if everyone has similar patterns. Finally, decode the pattern and broadcast the words to team mates in the field. Who is behind this project?

3) He was known as "Buster" to friends and family, his only failing grade in school was an F in music class and an early impression came from the 1954 western Johnny Guitar, in which the hero carries no gun but instead wears a guitar slung behind his back. His first gig was with an unnamed band in the basement of a synagogue. After too much wild playing and showing off, he was fired between sets. When he got into trouble with the law, he was given a choice between spending two years in prison or joining the Army, he enlisted. He played guitar with his teeth and said”. The idea of doing that came to me in a town in Tennessee. Down there you have to play with your teeth or else you get shot. There’s a trail of broken teeth all over the stage...” He made his first recorded TV appearance on Nashville's Channel 5 "Night Train" He died at 27 and is widely considered to be the greatest guitarist in the history of rock music. Who was he?

4) Taiwanese-based Agios spent two years developing the Podio - a portable digital Hi-Fi player. The cylindrical, pocket-sized music machine has been designed to produce sound, which is intended to be listened to without the need for earbuds. The Podio, which stands for "portable audio", has a microamp and full-range speakers. It has 2GB memory capacity. For what was the Podio made specially but not exclusively for?

5) It is your first big decision when you play world of warcraft-What is the 4th type of realm you can be in besides player versus player, Role playing normal, and role playing player versus player?

6) What newspaper has rolled out a new "Unplug. It's Sunday" campaign to promote the old-school Sunday newspaper as a refuge from the constant buzzing and beeping of smart phones, instant messages and e-mail that marks the modern workweek. The campaign, which runs until the end of the year, urges people to just say no to logging in. What paper is it?

P7),We all know of Rosa Parks who in 1955 began the modern Civil rights movement by refusing to go to the back of a bus, but in 1890’s a man planned a civil disobedience which tested racial segregation. He announced while sitting in a first class “whites only” compartment that he had African Amercian Ancestors, and was arrested when he refused to change his seat. His name is part of a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding the constitutionality of racial segregation even in public accommodations (particularly railroads), under the doctrine of "separate but equal". The decision was handed down by a vote of 7 to 1,. "Separate but equal" What was the name of the suit which stood as standard doctrine in U.S. law until its repudiation in the 1954 Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education?

(8) Rats are trained to run in a straight, alley like maze for a food reward which was located at the end of it and they performed almost automatically on reflex. Upon learning the maze over time, the rats started to run faster through each length and turn. By the stimulus of the maze, their behavior became a series of associated movements, instead of stimulus from the outside world. This routine continued even if the length of the path changed. Once the rats were well trained they were released into a shortened alleyway, yet they would run straight into the end of the wall. This experiment was named for the sound the rats made when they hit the wall, what is it?

P: 9) Australian premium pet products company, Pets Palace, is launching a range of natural mineral water for dogs. Even more remarkably, the top-of-the-line sparkling natural mineral water named Bellaqua comes in handmade crystal bottles, encrusted with jewels no less, and costs how much per bottle?

10) In philosophy, it is an element used in a variety of thought experiments intended to draw out certain features of our ideas of knowledge, reality, truth, mind, and meaning. It is drawn from the idea, common to many science fiction stories, that a mad scientist might remove a person's brain from the body, suspend it in life-sustaining liquid, and connect its neurons by wires to a supercomputer which would provide it with electrical impulses. According to such stories, the computer would then be simulating a virtual reality (including appropriate responses to the brain's own output) and the person with the "disembodied" brain would continue to have perfectly normal conscious experiences without these being related to objects or events in the real world. What is this called?

11) His work focuses upon such subjects as disaster sites, conspiracy theories, and religious cults. He constructs miniature versions of specific sites or buildings where significant events have taken place. He uses simple materials with little detailing, creating a distance from the real event, leaving it to the viewer’s own imagination to fill in the missing information, referring to the elusiveness of real understanding in a media saturated environment. He constructed a complete model of the seven buildings which made up the site, and then meticulously destroyed the model using a scalpel. Who is this 30-something old artist?

12) This is a fictional foundation in the Lost television series. It was formed by an arms purveyor, who turned his attention from "keeping the world safe through the development of sophisticated weapons systems" to focus instead on the development of new technologies to "create a brighter future for all humanity." The greeting "Namaste" is used by the organization's members. What is the name of this?

13) Ahoy is Used to hail a ship, a boat or a person, or to attract attention. Traditionally, when used from a ship to hail an approaching boat, the standard responses are: "aye aye", if a commissioned officer is in the boat; What is the correct response if here isn’t an officer in the boat?

H:14) It started out as the Barn Dance in the new fifth-floor radio station studio of the National Life & Accident Insurance Company in downtown Nashville. And began a program featuring "Dr. Humphrey Bate and his string quartet of old-time musicians.” later long-time announcer and program director George D. Hay, who was also named the most popular radio announcer in America launched this with 77 year old fiddler Uncle Jimmy Thompson on November 28, 1925, which is celebrated as the birth date of this place- what is it?

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