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The 2nd Question! 44 - 17 Mar 09


The third-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the majority. The second-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the minority. The first-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking.
A. A. Milne

Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.
Lin Yutang

Before I offer the questions which make up the last third of the show which is known as “Avataro” to all who watch, I wanted to make some comment about the changing of the show name and of course brand. The 2nd Question is the show I created on Second Life, and wanting to use the numerical identity at the time of “2nd”, went through a few names using it. Some of the names I thought of had links to previous existing works and movements such as “The Second Wave” which is of course a response to Alvin Toffler’s book “The Third Wave.” Or “The Next Wave” which referred to an art movement in the late 70’s – early 1980’s called “The New Wave.”

Waving being a part of my thought process, I probably would have used a hand for those logos too. In the end I found a beautiful “healing hand”, and this is what I chose. For I truly believe that we do heal ourselves and others with an uplifting of the mind, and with the greater goal of humanity in mind. The hand also had resonance within Second Life, so it seemed to fit. In the end, as the show was to be a kind of question and answer show, I chose “The 2nd Question” the hand and the question mark.

Paradox Olbers, the show Guru, asked me if there was to be a question mark at the end of it, and I responded, in my natural element, that of excitement, “No, an exclamation point!” And I have been full of them ever since the show launched, almost a year now, we will celebrate a full year on April 10th which was our very first show.

In all things there is change at times, in the modern world we live in we get used to it, are on our mental roller skates, ready to see format change, technological change (which of course has happened very rapidly over the past 30 years) and even change in the landscape of all things familiar. Still when something we have come to identify with, and appreciate doing changes, we want to know why. We want to know more. Probably as part of our own thought processes, to help us with the identity these things we like and love mean to us. Or just to fill in those blanks of curiosity. Having a very curious mind myself, and thinking my great audience does too, I wanted to say a bit more about why the name of the show is changing.

I was asked, very nicely by the way, to change the name by the Trademark Department of Linden Labs. The use of the word “2nd” is after all their brand, and wouldn’t I be better off in some ways to have as the name of the show, one that is independent of Second Life? And you know, I had to agree. I had picked the name because of Second Life, to continue, I had to establish the identity outside of it.

The show is a remarkable journey each week into knowing more about the great people who have made our metaverse of choice the place it is and also a real field trip into learning. One that is exciting, interesting and inspiring. The questions are meaningful because it is valid to know, and identify with the important stuff that happens in our physical world, the one we live in, today, yesterday and tomorrow. That is also inspiring. I know people have said to me, “I actually said last night, ‘I learnt that on The 2nd QuestioN!’.” That makes me so proud and happy. Indeed that is what I strive for. For who knows where the spark of inspiration to do something remarkable will come from. We must begin by knowing, and must begin by having our information store added to. The show is entertaining and so we recall what we learned there. It is a valuable hour, one I am thrilled with each week.

One of the MANY things I have learned from the show, is how remarkable a species the human being is. How much we have accomplished, how driven and how brilliant we are. And how kind and compassionate and deep our legacy is to each and every generation, and to each other, to whom of course we have the greatest responsibility to, outside of ourselves.

The past weeks quotes, said a lot for me. “The first rate mind is only happy when it’s thinking.” True, true………..the show is a celebration of thought, of accomplishment and of intellectual hope. I know of no other place in Second Life that gives the rewards we do for intellect on a weekly basis. And, “Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.” So what do we have here? The first rate mind, and the elimination of non-essentials. The questions are essential, not only to the show, of course, but also to our species. We will only grow through asking why, how, what, when and where? We need to ask, and also to find answers from each other, from ourselves and also from those who have discovered before us. So here we come to “The 1st Question”, and all questions are the starting point of new questions, maybe all questions have some kind of “1st” provenance. That’s the way I see it, all questions are a beginning of a journey and voyage into knowing, which brings up another “1st Question”.

This is our journey now together. See you Tuesday night at 7PM, the show is what it always has been, that won’t change. We still have a lot of Questions to ask. 1st Questions that is.


For the answers go to The 2nd QuestioN! blog at SLCN

P:1)It is a part of the brain located in the forebrain. It belongs to the limbic system and plays major roles in short term memory and spatial navigation. Humans and other mammals have two, one in each side of the brain. In rodents, where it has been studied most extensively, it is shaped something like a banana. In humans it has a curved and convoluted shape that reminded early anatomists of a seahorse. The name, in fact, derives from the Greek word for seahorse is this region where damage indicates Alzheimer’s?

H:2) The four-leaf clover is an uncommon variation of the common, three-leaved, one. According to tradition, such leaves bring good luck.. Another Irish legend tells that the three leaf clover, or "Shamrock", was what Saint Patrick used to represent the Holy Trinity. It has been estimated that there are approximately 10,000 three-leaf clovers for every four-leaf clover. According to legend, each leaflet represents something: the second leaf is for faith, the third is for love, and the fourth is for luck. What is the first leaf supposed to represent?
P:3) The St. Patrick's Day parade was first held in this city in the US in 1761, organized by the Charitable Society. What city was it held in?

H:4) Some Protestants have begun wearing this color on St. Patrick's Day as a mark of defiance . This relatively new tradition has its roots when William III, the King of England, Scotland, and Ireland, defeated King James II, a Roman Catholic, in the Battle of the Boyne near Dublin. William's victory would ensure Protestant military dominance on the island and has been a source of tension ever since. What color do they wear?

P:5) He dropped out of high School, only to become a reader of Hegel. He wrote his first book The Condition of the Working Class in England in 1844. While writing it, he continued his involvement with radical journalism and politics. He met Karl Marx in Paris. After a Revolution in France in1848, he and Marx fled to Prussia, where Marx lost hi citizenship due to a newspaper they edited. He decided to re-enter the commercial firm where his father held shares in order to help support Marx. He hated this work intensely but knew that his friend needed the support. As well as editing Das Kapital after Marx’s death, he made an argument using anthropological evidence of the time to show that family structures have changed over history, and that the concept of monogamous marriage came from the necessity within class society for men to control women to ensure their own children would inherit their property. Who was this man who spoke of the industrial revolution in 1844?

H:6) It's a clear step forward toward a future where your car will do the driving and you'll just be a passenger - and a demonstration of how a computer with detailed route and traffic signal information can make a huge difference to fuel consumption and emissions. This runs from a mobile phone that's connected to the car's onboard ECU. It was demonstrated with a Nokia N95 mobile phone recently. It sucks in huge amounts of data as you travel, analyzing your planned route in terms of route and even probable speed limiting features such as schools, speed bumps, and traffic lights. It then manages your acceleration and deceleration in such a way as to deliver maximum efficiency from a hybrid engine, resulting in demonstrated fuel savings of between 5% and 24%, depending on traffic and topology. This is the result of a multi-industry research partnership aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and fuel usage in hybrid vehicles. What is this UK partnership called, which will be made available in new cars by 2012?

P:7) This company has retained the Number One Plate Holder's title at the US Patent Office for 16 years straight, winning the 2008 "most innovative" championship with 4,186 U.S. Patents, beating Samsung and Canon Indeed, last year its issuances were greater than Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, Apple, EMC, Accenture and Google combined. The company's research efforts of recent times have astounded even seasoned patent watchers – on February 3 it filed a patent for bionic body armor which not only recognizes a bullet has been fired, but delivers a shock to the target's appropriate muscles so they step out of the bullet's trajectory. What company is this?

H:8) The classic form of this relies upon the availability of vulcanized rubber. The most common source of rubber was from the inner tubes of tires and so it seems unlikely that they were constructed before 1888. the sophisticated modern models start with the first "Wrist-Rocket", in 1954. They are also used by arborists and tree workers to place lines high in trees. Former child actress Shirley Temple revealed in an interview that she was a user, with Eleanor Roosevelt as one of her "victims" And in Fiction, the weapon of choice for Bart Simpson, Dennis the Menace and Ellie May Clampett. An ancient form was also used very effectively by David in his battle with Goliath, what is it?

P: 9) On August 24, 2006, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) announced a formal definition of planet that established a tripartite classification for objects in orbit around the Sun: ""dwarf planets" were those objects large enough to be rounded, but who had yet to clear their orbits of similar-sized objects; "planets" were those objects that were both large enough to be rounded by self-gravity and which had cleared their orbits of similar-sized objects.[ Under this Pluto, was reclassified as a dwarf planets, What are those objects too small for their gravity to have collapsed their surfaces into a rounded shape called?

H: 10) He built his first telescope and sent drawings of his observations of Jupiter and Mars to the Lowell Observatory. These resulted in a job offer. And was probably the most eminent astronomer to have reported seeing UFO’s and to support the Extraterrestrial hypothesis. He is best known for discovering the dwarf planet Pluto in 1930, but also discovered many asteroids, many he named after family members, and some of his ashes have been launched in space. Who was he?

P:11) The Rapanui or Rapa Nui ("Big Rapa") are the native inhabitants of here. MakeMake, a plutoid, or dwarf planet beyond the orbit of Neptune
was named for one of the Rapanui gods. Where are the Rapanui people found?

H:12) Twitter was founded by 4 guys. It began in March 2006 as a research and development project inside San Francisco podcasting company Odeo. Twitter had been initially used internally by Odeo's employees. When the company was bought out by management, the Twitter founders started another company. What was it named?

P:13) Green Fireballs is a term used to refer to certain UFO’s sightings since the late 1940s. Early ones primarily occurred in New Mexico. They were once of notable concern to the US government because they were often clustered around sensitive research and military installations, such as Los Alamos, They appeared suddenly and were reported many times per month there, but hardly anywhere else. Meteor expert Dr. Lincoln LaPaz headed much of the investigation into the fireballs on behalf of the military. He concluded that the objects displayed too many anomalous characteristics to be a type of meteor and instead were artificial. Secret conferences were convened to study the phenomenon In December 1949 a network of green fireball observation and photographic stations, was established but never fully implemented. Discontinued 2 years later, what was this project called?

H:14) He was a jazz cornet player and bandleader, particularly noted for his playing style, pioneering the use of mutes. Also a notable composer, he wrote many tunes still played regularly, including "Dippermouth Blues" and "Doctor Jazz". He was the mentor and teacher of Louis Armstrong. Two of Armstrong's most famous recordings were Oliver compositions. His influence was such that Armstrong claimed, "if it had not been for Joe Oliver, Jazz would not be what it is today”. As a player, Oliver took great interest in altering his horn's sound. He pioneered in the use of mutes, including the plumber's plunger, derby hat, and bottles and cup in the bell of his horn. His recording "WaWaWa" with the Dixie Syncopators can be credited with giving the name wah-wah to such techniques. Who was this “King” who dies in poverty?

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